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CBD What’s Hot With 270M, Viride, and Her Canna Q&A Featuring Sarah Remesch

High Potency Answers for High-Minded Women

Sarah Remesch has an impressive presence in the cannabis industry. Cannabis isn’t about one specific niche. Many different lifestyles come together to make up the cannabis culture and community. One of those lifestyles is the luxury lifestyle. 270M started as a consultancy service and has grown from there. Sarah Remesch, the founder of 270M, also started Viride Life Magazine in 2017. That wasn’t enough though. There was still something more and Sarah knew it.

Sarah knew that as the newly emerging legal cannabis industry continued to see the growth that a new sector of this industry would be looking for products that fit their needs. Sarah started New Highs CBD and continues to move full steam ahead. Sarah was quoted on Her Canna Life saying, “we are lucky to be able to lean on each other and lead the way in cannabis and be the main voice – a strong voice to be heard.” Learn more about this intriguing, strong female presence in the cannabis industry here.

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