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    New Highs Plant Podium: Emma Chasen

    New Highs’ Plant Podium features women from all walks of life, taking us to places we are yet to experience, teaching us new activities, and talking through rough patches, these women all encompass facets of being a true leader.

    From plant medicine and mind, body, lifestyle, to music and small business ownership – the women of our Plant Podium are all navigating this world in notable ways.

    We enjoyed chatting with Emma Chasen, an experienced businesswoman at Eminent and an advocate within the industry. She shares her experiences overcoming the stigmas surrounding hemp and advice for first-time users.

    Emma Chasen

    What’s your craft?
    I am a cannabis science educator, a business consultant, and an advocate for ethical operations in the industry. It is incredibly important to me that I help the industry evolve in a way that protects workers, values science, and ultimately provides the highest quality plant medicine to all people.

    What’s your favorite part of the day?
    My favorite part of the day is when I first wake up. I have to immediately drink coffee (black) that my wonderful partner has already made for us. And then I sit on my porch and catch up on the news, social media, and emails. The day feels filled with so much promise and potential in those quiet moments. Plus, I live in a house of four other people, so my mornings are sacred solitude.

    What or who inspires you or brings you out of creative fatigue?
    People sharing their stories inspire me, my friends inspire me, the community inspires me, my mom inspires me, and books, reading lots and lots of books, inspire me.

    How do you think the hemp trend has affected wellness?
    The hemp trend has definitely allowed more people to consider plant medicine and unlearn some harmful, pervasive stigma. Plant medicine is so incredibly personal when people engage with it, they must take more accountability for their health and wellness and shift to a holistic paradigm. In my opinion, this shift is important as it promotes a more integrative approach to preventative care, however, it can be uncomfortable for a lot of people if they don’t have guidance. These plants are not like ibuprofen; it’s not one size fits all and not all CBD products are created equal. Therefore, the hemp trend necessitates a personal investigation and experimentation to find what will work best for you because it may look different than what will work best for others.

    What’s one tip on how to best integrate CBD into your routine?
    Start with how you want to consume CBD: topically, internally (by ingestion or inhalation). Then seek out ethical companies that are formulating to maximize therapeutic efficacy. Once you are assured that you have a good CBD product, try it at home, a few hours before bed. This is my go-to when trying out a product for the first time; if you have an uncomfortable experience you can ride it out in your home without having to potentially rearrange your day. If ingesting CBD, I recommend a starting dose of about 10-15mg. Wait a couple of hours and see how you feel. Keep a consumption journal and track your experiences with different doses until you find what works best for you. There is such low risk associated with consuming CBD that you can experiment more freely than you would say with THC-dominant products.

    How do you stay balanced?
    I take a daily probiotic and supplements to promote gut health (a happy tummy is vvvv important to me feeling balanced). I consume cannabis and CBD at night to unwind. And I make sure to carve out a solid chunk of alone time every week where I read or garden or cook or watch trash reality tv.

    What’s one app you couldn’t live without that’s not social media?
    Email lol that’s so boring! But I use the gmail app all of the time.

    Emma is a true example of dynamic change in the hemp industry, both in her personal experiences and her professional efforts for equity within the industry itself! 

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    Tune in again soon for more women discovering their roots and turning over new leaves in the world of cannabinoid wellness.


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