A new age is dawning.

Disenchanted with the current terrain of cannabinoid wellness brands, New Highs hashed out a plan to elevate CBD hemp oils, not be a clone of products currently on the market. CBD’s unique bouquet of benefits (from quelling hangovers to aiding sleep) deserves the high-quality cultivation, ingredients, and design we distill into each bottle.

Crafted with quality and luxury in mind, New Highs is the premier brand for those desiring a green-friendly lifestyle through achieving new heights in your life without getting “high” or intoxicated by contributing to your wellness so you can accomplish goals, help others, and do whatever else you strive for, small or large.

Straight from the field to your front door.

New Highs aims to elevate industry standards, predominantly through an intimate relationship with our farmers—we know exactly where our product is growing.

Crafted from high-quality ingredients , New Highs personally guarantees our quality and potency through third-party lab testing.