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    5 Ways Athletes Can Use CBD For Recovery

    Five Fantastic Ways Professional Athletes Use CBD For Recovery

    Professional athletes use CBD more than you might think. In this article, we’re going to learn five exciting ways professionals potentially use this for recovery.

    You’d be surprised to find out that top-of-the-line athletes use CBD – even Iron Mike Tyson has a cannabis ranch. This is because CBD is potentially beneficial to athletes, especially when it comes to healing and recovery.

    Professional athletes have been using CBD for quite a while, for a multitude of different purposes. Any high-intensity sport leads to injury, strain, or simply pressure, which CBD tends to help with greatly.

    CBD could also aid recovery, which is integral to any sport. Recovery is the first step to increasing muscle mass, endurance, and sports performance.

    In this article, we’re going to cover five ways athletes can use CBD for their recovery.

    How Does CBD Work?

    CBD is the phytocannabinoid which, when consumed, acts directly on our neurotransmitters, which produce a soothing, pain relief, and sedative effect. CBD is one of the main derivatives of the hemp plant, but it doesn’t produce a “high” when consumed, unlike THC.

    CBD can be taken in many shapes and forms – but all of these fall in three different categories which are:

    • CBD isolate is pure, undiluted CBD.
    • Full Spectrum. The Full Spectrum CBD category includes other cannabinoids, including THC.
    • Broad Spectrum. Broad-spectrum CBD contains all other cannabinoids, excluding THC.

    CBD comes in a multitude of forms, the most popular of which are:

    • CBD Oil
    • Tinctures
    • Vape Oil
    • Gel
    • Gummy
    • Capsules

    Dosing with CBD is similar to dosing with any other supplement. It depends on a multitude of factors, such as your weight, gender, the CBD form, and a multitude of other things. The most popular amounts range from 20mg to 50mg, depending on the desired effect.


    It’s no surprise that CBD has some immense relaxation properties. When you’re training every single day, and you’re putting yourself under a lot of strain – stress is an inevitable consequence.

    Smaller doses of CBD (10mg-25mg) have a slight sedation effect and help your body release serotonin, the monoamine neurotransmitter that causes happiness, improved mood, and mental wellness.

    People who aren’t athletes don’t know the micromanagement that a sports career can bring to the table. All of the timed meals, dedication, and iron-clad discipline can truly put a strain on the psyche.

    The best athletes turn to CBD to help them with their stress management and relaxation. The life of an athlete isn’t only the training grounds, supplements, and timed meals – sometimes, it’s all about relaxing.

    Truly relaxing and airing out is going to speed up your recovery, allowing you to train harder and be happier.


    Sports injuries can genuinely be an absolute pain and can hinder your performance for quite a while. CBD can be a great way to relieve stress that comes with a sports injury and can potentially reduce the pain.

    CBD in moderate doses (15mg-30mg) interacts with the body, and impacts your endocannabinoid receptors, thus dulling and lessening acute and chronic pain. If your pain is severe, you should slowly increase the dose before you achieve the desired effect.

    Any athlete will tell you that sports injuries hurt a lot. CBD is an alternative wellness with fewer side effects. It’s a great way to deal with sports injuries, the stress, and the pain they bring, and this is going to speed up the recovery time by a considerable margin.

    At the least, it’s going to make the injury that much more bearable.

    Appetite Suppressant

    Being a professional athlete is all about micromanaging your life. Half of the athlete’s performance is down to training, and the other half is tied to a strict diet.

    The consumption of CBD (anywhere from 10mg and upwards) helps soothe the digestive tract and nervous system. To feel the full effects of CBD’s appetite suppressant properties, you’re going to have to take it for at least a week or two.

    While some athletes need to indulge in as many proteins, carbs, and fats before their performance, others have to cut down on their food intake. CBD is a potential appetite suppressant and is bound to help you manage your hunger.

    When you’re recovering, you’re going to need to consume the right foods at the right time to recover the right way.

    Improves Sleep

    CBD is known for its sedation effects, and when taken in larger amounts (from 35mg to 50mg), it might even knock you out and make you sleep. When it comes to sleep, CBD’s relaxation properties improve sleep quality, frequency, and longevity.

    Unlike melatonin, the sleeping compound, CBD, doesn’t affect your sleep directly. It’s anti-inflammatory, and soothing effects do, and when combined, they can cause drowsiness, tiredness, and allow you to get a good night of sleep.

    Athletes, even those who don’t suffer from any sleeping disorder, will tell you that sleeping is just as important as dieting and exercising. Sleeping replenishes energy, helps muscle fibres heal, and improves mood.

    When taken in moderation and in low amounts, CBD oil  isn’t going to induce tiredness and drowsiness in the middle of the day for most people. If it does, consider decreasing the amount of CBD you consume or take it an hour before retiring to bed.

    Boosts Health Leading to Faster Recovery

    CBD itself has an abundance of health benefits. It is one of the most popular supplements of the 21st century, and that’s all due to its health benefits. It’s shown through research to potentially help with anything from depression to heart health.

    Since CBD is known to have anti-inflammatory effects, it’s an ideal choice to make you recover faster. CBD may produce its anti-inflammatory effect after only a couple of days of dosing.

    Maintaining your health is essential if you’re a professional athlete. The healthier you are, the faster your recovery period is going to be. This means that, as long as you remain healthy, your performance is going to reach your best optimal amounts.

    CBD can improve your overall health and help you lead a healthier, happier, and more athletically prosperous life.

    In Conclusion

    Everyone from professional athletes to regular people may benefit quite significantly from including this wonderful supplement into their daily routine.

    Professional athletes can benefit from using CBD in a multitude of ways. Not only is it going to help with managing your athletic career, but it’s also going to help you with your recovery period and make your athletic performance better.


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