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CBD and Some of the Biggest Challenges for Legal Weed in 2019

A Full-Spectrum Look at the Challenges for the Legal Cannabis Industry in 2019 from Civilized

It’s 2019 and predictions have it that cannabis could soon be removed from the federal Controlled Substance Act. In 2018 hemp a “cousin of today’s medical and recreational cannabis saw success with the signing of the 2018 Farm Bill. The signing of this bill removed hemp from the federal Controlled Substance Act. However, it’s not all a smooth ride for cannabis legalization from here.

It’s been a long rough, bumpy road for advocates and activists supporting the legalization of this plant. 2019 has many hurdles and obstacles the legal cannabis industry must face to usher in future success. Solid groundwork has been laid in building a strong foundation for the cannabis industry to cultivate success and awareness. Learn more about industry insights with leaders like Andrea Brooks Co-Founder of Sava and Sarah Remesch Founder of New Highs CBD here.

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