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Dispensary Vs. Delivery- A Fine Line Between THC and CBD

CBD Can Be Delivered Just About Anywhere, But THC Has Restrictions

You might not be able to order cannabis in the mail legally in many places in the United States but if you live in California or Canada you can experience a similar joy through cannabis delivery services. Which one will reign supreme when it comes to the cannabis experience? Will consumers prefer to go to a brick-and-mortar store to purchase cannabis and cannabis supplies? Or, will today’s fast-paced society prefer the convenience of home delivery for cannabis?

One of the biggest questions that arise when people start talking about cannabis delivery is safety; the next concern is discretion. You don’t necessarily want your neighbors to know you’re getting a delivery cannabis products delivered to your doorstep. Not only could it cause them to judge you-you don’t want your supplies to go missing.

This doesn’t mean that the appeal of a cannabis delivery service similar to a pizza delivery service won’t be to your liking. Are you curious to learn more about cannabis delivery services vs. traditional cannabis dispensaries? If so, you’re like many others. The information you’re looking for or at least the direction you need to be pointed in can be found right here.

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