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Dive into Comedy, Hip-Hop, Sex, CBD, and Weed with Vice Live

Take a Full Spectrum Look at Today’s Smokin Hot Topics

Viceland brings you Vice Live, a real look at real news that really matters to you. Stay up to date with the Walking Dead, astrology, comedy, sex, hip-hop, weed, and much more with Vice Live. The host of Vice Live covers some of the biggest stories that happened that day. Hang out with celebrities and entertain the psychic realms with a real-life psychic.

This is a perfect opportunity to enjoy an elevated feeling with some high potent CBD products like New Highs CBD available in 700 mg and a super potent 2000 mg option. Journey along for 90 minutes and enlighten your mind, body, and soul to happenings of the day with Vice Live here.

New Highs 2000mg CBD tincture is available online.

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