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Five Nice CBD Products

Explore the Full Spectrum with These 5 CBD Products

Wouldn’t it be nice if a guide to CBD topicals came out that explained the difference between CBD only and THC dominant products? That’s exactly what the Nice Paper did. The Nice Paper explores five cannabis-infused products offering a scale of products that are CBD only, balanced containing comparable amounts of CBD and THC and THC dominant. The list of products examined by Nice Paper includes products from Rosebud CBD, Cordial Organics, ILDI Pekar, Sould Addict, and New Highs. These products all made the Nice Paper list of CBD tinctures we actually use.

Could one of these CBD tinctures be the one you’re looking for? There’s no way of knowing unless you look into it more. To find out more information about these hempsational CBD products be sure to check out the original content by Nice Paper here.

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