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    How CBD Can Change Women’s Health

    Written by: Danielle Gazda


    Women make up the majority of CBD users across the U.S. They continue to be the fastest-growing demographic for this popular and versatile supplement. When it comes to health issues and concerns, women are often ignored or led to believe their issues are somehow hormonal and will simply work themselves out. CBD allows women to safely and effectively find some relief when it comes to non-life-threatening conditions. Find a trusted physician to discuss this topic further.


    Benefits for Women:

    Anxiety, Depression, and Mental Health

    Women are twice as likely than men to be affected by anxiety and depression. The expectations and standards women are held to in all aspects of their lives are significant and can lead to the development of these conditions. CBD has been shown to be an effective treatment for both as well as ease the symptoms of epilepsy, PTSD, and more. It can help to ease the mind and relieve stress, reducing the feelings that can trigger mental health disorders.


    Insomnia can occur independently or as a side effect of stress, anxiety, or depression — or, more likely, a combination of all three. Without proper sleep, our bodies lose energy, mental ability, and begin to break down. CBD is a commonly used sleep aid that can help calm your mind, relax your body, and help you get a good night’s rest no matter the cause.

    Pain Management

    No matter what our age, we all have aches and pains. There are many sources of discomfort — stiffness from sitting in a chair all day at work, aching feet if you’re more mobile, sore muscles from exercise, or just the pains that come with aging and bad weather. CBD applied externally on sore spots can soothe the aches and melt them away.


    Self-care is important for all aspects of the body. Beauty plays a role in self-confidence that we don’t always like to acknowledge. If you have common skin conditions caused by inflammation, such as general redness, eczema, and acne, then CBD can help. It can also prevent the overproduction of sebum, which is the oil that protects your face. There are a wide range of CBD skincare products on the market, including lotions, cleansers, moisturizers, and more.

    Weight Management

    When discussing overall mental health and emotional well-being, weight is another topic that people sometimes try to avoid, but it is a cause of insecurity for many. Controlling weight gain is not as simple as analyzing and changing a person’s eating habits, though. Increases in weight can be the result of hormones, stress, and so much more. CBD is beginning to show weight-loss benefits, because it can help regulate your digestive system, boost metabolism, and, of course, relieve stress. The use of CBD is not a foolproof weight-loss method, but it could be a happy additional benefit.


    What happens during menstruation combines the topics discussed above. All of these conditions can be a side effect of someone’s menstrual cycle, which is why research into CBD’s effect on menstruation is being conducted. Topicals can be good for surface pain relief, but research is looking at CBD-infused feminine products that target vaginal discomfort, whether from cramping, yeast infections, or sexual activity.


    Menopause also touches on a number of the topics already discussed. Though it can’t prevent hot flashes, CBD can reduce joint pain and help maintain bone strength, preventing osteoporosis. Of course, menopause also includes mood swings and emotional components because of its effect on hormones. CBD can help to balance your mood, no matter what may be causing it to change.


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