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Sarah Remesch And New Highs Full Spectrum CBD

Take A Full Spectrum Look at CBD  with a Q & A Featuring Sarah Remesch

Dope Magazine covered a piece highlighting outstanding women in cannabis. One of the women they featured was Sarah Remesch, founder of New Highs CBD. Sarah also is the founder of 270M and Viride Lifestyle magazine. Dope Magazine sees the future of cannabis as one being dominated by females. In honor of all the women that do so much for cannabis Dope declared December to being the women’s issue.

Explore a Q&A with the founder of New Highs CBD Sarah Remesch. Find out who’s some of her most significant role models and what the biggest challenges she faced in her career were. Touching on the basis that we’re all human you can even explore Sarah’s guilty pleasure, cannabis routine, and more. If you’re anxious to learn more about this leading lady in the cannabis industry, click here.

Learn more on New Highs FAQ page.

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