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Could Full Spectrum CBD Businesses Help Bring Diversity to the Legal Cannabis Scene in the Big Apple?

A High Dose of Lacking Diversity in the Big Apple

New York is a place that is no stranger to marijuana prohibition. When prohibition started back in 1937 many people stood against it. There were politicians then that didn’t support it just like there are now. One of those politicians was a famous mayor of early New York by the name Henry LaGuardia.

Mayor LaGuardia commissioned the New York school of medicine to conduct a report and investigative study into the truth of marijuana. This report determined that the claims the federal government was making about marijuana as they called it were unjust and not based on fact. Mayor LaGuardia gave a speech recommending that the federal prohibition of marijuana be abolished per the will of the people.

Today over 8 decades later, New Yorkers are still fighting for a diverse legal cannabis industry. Cannabis prohibition was created to help Target minorities and anyone that stood in the way of progress by elected officials of the time. Learn more about the obstacles New Yorkers faced then and now while they battle and grapple in the Big Apple for a diverse inclusive legal cannabis scene by reading the article in The Fresh Toast here.

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