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Dive Into Dive Bar CBD Infused Bloody Marys

High Potency CBD Infused Foods and Beverages Are A Huge Hit

CBD seems to be everywhere. It’s popping up in health and beauty products, snack products, beverages, and much more. Growing in popularity for many different reasons chances are you’ll even find CBD at the bar. Dive bars and other spots to quench your thirst are beginning to feature menu items like CBD infused Bloody Marys. There are all kinds of different twists on the Bloody Mary and different spins on its name. Basically to infuse your own drinks you simply take your favorite Bloody Mary recipe and infuse it with terpene rich full spectrum CBD. Are you thirsty yet? Are you ready for a little Bloody Mary breakfast or brunch? If so there’s a great recipe for a CBD Infused Dive Bar Bloody Marys you might like from The Fresh Toast here.

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